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  • About Canale Therapy

    The Reiki Room from Canale Therapy is a holistic health & wellbeing clinic situated in the Costa Blanca Spain, it is run by award-winning International Practitioner of Holistic Medicine & Scottish mum, Jackie Canale. Here at The Reiki Room you will find a wide range of treatments to aid each individual client in exactly what they need.

    On your initial visit a full consultation will be carried out to ensure the therapist is able to give the client the best service for their specific needs. using a wide range of treatments which include Aromatherapy, Massage,
    Hot & Cold Stones, Indian Head, Reflexology, Reiki, Crystal Therapy to facilitate the bodies natural ability to heal itself.

    Most clients visit The Reiki Room, but for those who cannot for certain reasons, a mobile service is also provided within the surrounding areas, please note a small fee is applied if the area is further than 15km.

    Alongside The Reiki Room is another complementary therapy clinic for working a lot of other issues, within this clinic is NLP, Coaching & Hypnotherapy. This service is also available online, worldwide. Jackie is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who is also certified in NLP and Life Coaching. Please note, because of the nature of mind work, this is only available in English language, all other treatments are available in English and Spanish.

  • All Of Our Treatments Are Customized For Our Clients So You Can Experience A Personal Healing Journey

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  • Having been a smoker for over 45 years and in all honesty when someone asked me how many I smoked I'd lie- I always said about 20 which was certainly on the low side especially if I was out socialising, it would probably have been double that.
    I always had excuses not to stop, stress at work, moving house, settling into a new country. Well after a year of not working and relocating to Alicante I did not have a lot of stress in my life I felt it was the time to get additional help to kick the habit.
    I made an appointment with Jackie for a hypnosis session and have never looked back since. Jackie was very professional in her approach to my addiction and listened very carefully to what I was saying and tailored the session to address my anxiety and concerns accordingly, like gaining weight and becoming short-tempered and most importantly why I wanted to stop- the main reason for me was health. I have not a cigarette since 18th September last year (sounds good) and got past the festive period before writing this as this is always a testing time.

    Dave, Gran Alacant

  • Jackie's treatments come highly recommended in our local area, so when I was complaining about tension in my upper back, The Reiki Room was suggested to me several times. Since my first visit to Jackie, for my aromatherapy back massage and reflexology, I have made my physical and mental wellbeing a priority, booking in at least once a month. Jackie is such a welcoming, knowledgeable and skilled therapist.
    She takes the time to get to know you, and tailors treatments to your needs, always going above and beyond. I couldn't believe the improvement in my back tension, even after my first visit. As Jackie delivers holistic therapies, she always leaves you with positive ways to alleviate tensions, and also her specially blended oils are perfectly matched to your needs, and these continue to work as the day goes on. Jackie's prices are such good value for money, particularly when taking advantage of the combination deals. I have now proudly become one of the many who recommend a visit to The Reiki Room.

    Laura, Gran Alacant