• Facials

  • How many of you have a good daily skincare routine? It really is so very important.

    Facials are a great pamper to receive but that aside they are more than a beauty treatment, they are very holistic and great for the skin and overall wellbeing.

    It is never too early (wish my parents drummed it into me from a young age) or too late to start a good facial routine, so if you don’t already have one, male it the new thing you start today!

    Our skin is the largest organ on our body, so it is very important to treat it with some TLC. Our faces are constantly on display to all the daily environmental toxins so a good facial once a month out with your daily ritual is a positive to add to your life.

    In the Reiki Room at Canale Therapy I provide a variety of different facial treatments, from the deep cleansing (which is a deeper more cleansing facial than the one you can give yourself at home), Anti-Aging (again this uses different techniques and strokes that your are unable to perform on yourself), Hot & Cold stone facials, Crystal therapy facials, Aromatherapy facials, or mini express facials to remedial work including Acne (extraction is used where required) skin blemishes, thinning skin from any medication you may be on, psoriasis/eczema, lymphatic drainage etc. Other hidden problems that can be aided with massage or facial reflexology would be sinus problems, headaches and migraines.

    Regardless of your choice of facial, it is catered to each individual client and all facials include massage which boost blood circulation and oxygen flow and promote collagen.

    Little Tips to Use At Home-

    • Always wash your make up off at night, this is so very important to cleanse the pores.
    • Massage your creams & oils in upward motion to stimulate the circulation & circle motion around your eyes (avoid getting too close)
    • Cleanse, Tone, Serum & Moisturiser and a great tip before you moisturise is to apply a small layer of some hyaluronic acid- leave for 5 mins then apply your moisturiser, this is amazing for hydrating the skin even more and don’t be scared from the acid…the body produces small amounts of this naturally.
    • A little gentle skin brush once a month or so is good for stimulating and clearing any dead skin cells if you are not a fan of dermaplaning or acid peels.
    • Drink (or aim for) 2 litres of fresh water daily, add fresh lemon for an added bonus.
    • Like juicing? Go for all the greens- they are good for the skin.
    • Always ALWAYS use a daily moisturiser with an SPF of 30 regardless of what season it is!
    • Get your beauty sleep, aim for 7-8 hours (oh if only my kids allowed this!!)
    • Don’t stress about buying the expensive stuff, it’s not always what we put in our skin but more on how we apply it, of course it is important to get the right products to suit your individual type or preference.

    Regardless of your choice of facial, if it is carried out properly it will have amazing long lasting effects to diminish the fine lines and wrinkles and prolonging a more youthful appearance.

    Any questions you may have please get in touch today for a free consultation.