• Crystal Therapy

  • Crystal therapy is the art of using certain crystals associated with your chakra position. For thousands of years people have been practising crystal therapy.
    We have 7 major chakras on our bodies, they comprise of:
    1. Root Chakra (Muladhara Chakra)- located at the base of the spine. It radiates the colour red and represents the element earth.

    2. Sacral Chakra (Swadhishthana Chakra)- located at the lower abdomen, it radiates the colour orange and represents the element water.
    3. Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura Chakra)- located between the navel and the bottom of the rib cage, it radiates the colour yellow and represents the element fire.
    4. Heart Chakra (Anahata Chakra)- located in the heart region, its colour is green and represents the element air.
    5. Throat Chakra (Vishuddha Chakra)- located at the base of the throat, coinciding with the thyroid gland, its colour is bright blue and it represents the element space.
    6. Third Eye Chakra (Ajna Chakra)-located between the eyebrows, it is indigo blue, free of an element.
    7. Crown Chakra (Sahastrara Chakra)- located at the top of the head, it is white and/or violet and also doesn't represent an element.

    Each crystal used is from the earth and each resonates with that chakra position, when we lay that crystal on the area it then vibrates with our physical outer energy (aura) and brings it into our inner energy field, when this happens it opens our chakras, and when our chakras are open our bodies work in harmony, emotionally, physically and mentally.

    A lot of people have a hard time believing in this type of treatment but to explain it more simply chakras are the centre where our energy flows. just think of our heart and brain, they are run by electrical impulses, that flow of charged ion is what makes your heart beat or your muscles contract so our bodies are full of energy, we are walking bodies of energy.

    Some therapists only work with the Chakra crystals, others bring in many crystals and stones, representing many elements, whether it is positioning on them or doing grids around them. At The Reiki Room on your first Reiki session a Chakra balance is carried out using crystals, it is a beautiful combination of energies and allows the work to be carried out directly on any blocked chakras, thereafter this is optional to the client.