• Clynical Hypnotherapy

  • There are many myths and misconceptions around hypnosis and many of you will have seen hypnotic stage shows where people are up dancing like Elvis or belting out the hits like Whitney has taken the mike and yes, they are actually doing this, but they have to want to participate in the show in the first place. In other words, everyone can be hypnotised but you have to want to...you are in control. I think it is important to stress that hypnosis is a natural state in all of us and is completely safe when carried out appropriately. Regardless of what you may have seen in the hypnotic stage shows for entertainment purposes- whilst you are in the trance state you are very much in control.
    We all have the ability within us to induce a very pleasant and relaxing state of being, and whilst in this state the subconscious mind becomes stronger, therefore during hypnotherapy, all your sensory functions are at a heightened state and it embeds within your subconscious, using various techniques the therapist works to enable your mind to change or disassociate from any problems you may have locked in your inner thoughts.

    Hypnosis is NOT mind control, it is mind work, co-operation is required to enter hypnosis and co-operation is required to stay in hypnosis, so you can never be stuck in the hypnotic state, yes, certain individuals can remain reluctant to emerge from this state but this is purely down to enjoying the nice relaxation a little longer, but they won't stay there long when the therapist terminates their trance state. It is nothing to fear. No one will ever tell their deepest darkest secrets, even if asked. 

    It has been proven many years ago from the pioneers Sigmund Freud, Milton Erickson, Emile Coue (to name a few) that with powerful hypnotic therapy you can utilise the most powerful tool you own "your mind" to change a huge number of underlying issues from Self-confidence, addictions/habit breaking, fears & phobias, Stress Management, Trauma, Anxiety/Depression to Pain Management and so much more... and your outlook will change forever with this powerful therapy. It can be that little inner voice always giving you negative self talk, not being able to close the door on that trauma from the past, or over eating or smoking/drinking habit that's making you feel unhappy or sad. Hypnotherapy is your gateway to the very best version of you. Clinical Hypnotherapy at The Reiki Room includes a mixture of NLP and Coaching alongside it to bring the very best to the clients needs. 
    Not in the area? don't worry, this therapy is available online, worldwide. contact us on the contact form now to find out more.