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  • Holistic Testimonials

  • Hypnotherapy, Reiki & Reflexology Treatments

    I have had fabulous Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Reflexology treatments with Jackie.
    The first time I had met Jackie, I was immensely impressed straight away by how professional, friendly and welcoming she was. After a thorough consultation to start with, she made me feel comfortable and at ease and commenced the treatment; targeting my problem areas as discussed. The treatment was so relaxing and calming. Afterwards Jackie discussed what she had felt and areas that I should concentrate on. This included areas that I hadn't actually realised needed attention but makes perfect sense to me. She gave me some good advice on how to improve my general health and left me feeling uplifted and in a positive frame of mind to make improvements, to boost my wellbeing. I'm so glad to have discovered Jackie and I hope that I will visit again in a month or two. I will try other holistic treatments that Jackie offers"

    Anonymous (Jan 2020)

  • Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage+Reflexology Package

    From the moment I step into the warm and cosy treatment room I can feel my stress and strains start to melt away. I have had Aromatherapy treatments in many spas and salons and Jackie's at The Reiki Room is second to none. It's my monthly treat....because I'm worth it!

    Lorraine, Gran Alacant (Jan 2020)

  • Massage and Reflexology

    Jackie was recommended to me when I was having back problems and now I highly recommend her to all my family and friends. I am so happy that I discovered her and the Reiki room. My life is much richer for knowing her and receiving her treatments and I always float home in a happy glow after her sessions.

    Jackie has a warm, friendly and welcoming approach to her clients. She is also very professional and starts her initial session with a thorough consultation. She has a very holistic approach to helping people, focusing on the whole person. She genuinely cares and also recommends and advises about oils, treatments that will help in the future. She is very knowledgeable in her field and takes time to listen to her clients.

    Jackie has healing hands and her treatments have really helped me with my hernia and when I fell recently and badly bruised myself. I really recommend a monthly treatment with Jackie for your well being and we all deserve a bit of spoiling from Jackies special magic in 2020! Thank you for all the support and helping me.

    Jo, Gran Alacant (Jan 2020)

  • Therapies

    Jackie's treatments come highly recommended in our local area, so when I was complaining about tension in my upper back, The Reiki Room was suggested to me several times. Since my first visit to Jackie, for my aromatherapy back massage and reflexology, I have made my physical and mental wellbeing a priority, booking in at least once a month. Jackie is such a welcoming, knowledgeable and skilled therapist. She takes the time to get to know you, and tailors treatments to your needs, always going above and beyond. I couldn't believe the improvement in my back tension, even after my first visit. As Jackie delivers holistic therapies, she always leaves you with positive ways to alleviate tensions, and also her specially blended oils are perfectly matched to your needs, and these continue to work as the day goes on. Jackie's prices are such good value for money, particularly when taking advantage of the combination deals. I have now proudly become one of the many who recommend a visit to The Reiki Room.

    Laura, Gran Alacant (Jan 2020)

  • Therapies Treatments

    Jackie is a wonderful massage therapist. She is professional and very skilled. She's very attuned to my body and its needs, as well as my overall health and well-being. She makes you feel totally relaxed by providing a warm, inviting and friendly atmosphere.

    Katie, Gran Alacant (Jan 2020)

  • Mind Work Testimonials

  • Hypnotherapy

    I drift away to my own little sanctuary and awake feeling invigorated and inspired, i don't know how it works, but it does!

    Lorraine, Gran Alacant (Jan 2020)

  • Hypnotherapy

    Having been a smoker for over 45 years and in all honesty when someone asked me how many I smoked I'd lie- I always said about 20 which was certainly on the low side especially if I was out socialising, it would probably have been double that.
    I always had excuses not to stop, stress at work, moving house, settling into a new country. Well after a year of not working and relocating to Alicante I did not have a lot of stress in my life I felt it was the time to get additional help to kick the habit.
    I made an appointment with Jackie for a hypnosis session and have never looked back since. Jackie was very professional in her approach to my addiction and listened very carefully to what I was saying and tailored the session to address my anxiety and concerns accordingly, like gaining weight and becoming short tempered and most importantly why I wanted to stop- the main reason for me was health. I have not a cigarette since 18th September last year (sounds good) and got past the festive period before writing this as this is always a testing time.
    many thanks once again and I'm sure you will continue to help others kick their habits.

    Dave, Gran Alacant (Jan 2020)

  • TherapiesHypnotherapy

    Having never experienced hypnotherapy before, I am so thankful that my first taste of this was with Jackie. Having identified some areas that I was having issues with (namely stress and anxiety) Jackie was able to take me through a hypnotherapy session to help me deal with these issues. Before and after, Jackie clearly explained what she would be doing, and how she would be doing this. I really felt a difference after my taster sessions, often finding that I would draw on the positive affirmations throughout the week, and when facing more difficult times. I would highly recommend visiting Jackie for hypnotherapy sessions due to her professional, knowledgeable, calm and intuitive nature.

    Anonymous (Jan 2020)

  • Hypnotherapy

    I started the menopause about 6 years ago and although my symptoms are not bad (compared to others) physically, I really feel I had a difficult time mentally. My loss of confidence, self esteem and self belief were fundamental in my shift of character. In an attempt to find a way to remain calm and balanced, I decided to try hypnotherapy sessions with Jackie at The Reiki Room so I bought a block booking (1 session per week for 6 weeks). The first session included telling Jackie how I felt and what I wanted to achieve from my sessions. All my sessions were calming, informative and all the time inspirational (an added extra for me!). I've learned the art of clean language, how to meditate (which I now do daily) and how to use those tools that benefit me the most in day to day life. At last, I feel more like the person I was before! I've learned to deal with fear (of trying something new) lack of motivation, food and exercise- just general dilemas for me. Hypnotherapy, I feel, has helped me enormously through my menopause, giving me clarity when needed and confidence and self belief. And I am extremely grateful that I found The Reiki Room.

    Thanks again Jackie, you're a star!

    Anonymous (Jan 2020)