• Is it okay to come for a massage or other hands on treatment under the current covid-19 situation?

      Yes, all measures are taken to ensure full disinfecting measures are placed for your optimum health. We are currently operating a smaller service to ensure the time is given for all cleaning to be carried out between each client and courses have been taken during the lockdown via the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine to ensure all areas are completely covered and you are in safe hands.

    • What if I am not sure what treatment would be the most beneficial for me?

      If it is your first time visiting us a full consultation is carried out to see what treatment & oils can be used on you for your personal safety and avoiding possible contraindications with any medicines, treatments or health concern you may have.

    • How much will it cost?

      How much will it cost? here at Canale Therapy we tailor all our treatments for the individual person, our mind clinic has competitive prices and discounted courses are available.

      And not forgetting the Reiki Room where holistic treatments range from as little as €12 up to €45

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    • Can I buy someone a treatment as a gift?

      Yes, you can purchase gift vouchers directly or digital gift vouchers are available on request.

    • Can I purchase oils after my treatment?

      Absolutely. It’s the perfect way to compliment your self care afterwards or between treatments.

      Rollerballs, oil blends and creams became be handmade to suit each individual, ranging from anti-inflammatories, calming or energizing to skin problems from acne or psoriasis or anti-aging creams/oil blends.

      Prices vary depending on the oils used, and start around €10.

      Our Doterra aromatherapy site for a look for anyone wishing to purchase their own is www.mydoterra.com/jackiereikiroom

    • What if I don’t know what oils to buy for my needs?

      At Canale Therapy we offer an aromatherapy service where we can teach what oils will be best for your specific needs.